Workshop NOVExport “Challenges for the internationalisation of SMEs in Latin American Markets”

In the scope of the NOVExport acceleration programme, a workshop took place on the challenges that SMEs face in the internationalisation process in Latin American markets in the area of services and new technologies, on the 10th of November.

The aim of this initiative was to provide the companies participating in the Portuguese HUB’s NOVExport programme with diagnostic methodologies that allow them to approach international markets more successfully, namely regarding the technological positioning of the different countries in the region.

The initiative was developed in partnership with the Portugal-South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. 

After the workshop, was held the networking session “Soundbites & Bitaites about Quality”, during which, and regarding the World Quality Week, Rui Henriques, project manager at the Quality Department of IPN, made a brief presentation and debate about Quality.  NOVExport is a European project that aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the space and digital technologies sector in Southwest Europe, by supporting the internationalization of Latin-American markets