The NOVExport program is coming to the end!

As part of working package 4 from European projet NOVExport, exports acceleration, we set up a tailor-made program that included 3 main parts:

B2B meeting preparation sessions

These sessions were held in order to acclimate companies to the business culture of each country.

Technical sessions with decision makers

The purpose of these sessions was for each decision marker to present their current projects, their problems and their needs so that the companies could present their solution in response to them.

A session on each country took place, with a representation of 5 decision makers per country.

B2B meetings with decision makers.

More than 20 French, Spanish and Portuguese companies participated in this program targeting Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Many actors were present, such as: Véolia Mexico, ENGIE Brazil, the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, the Municipalities of Sao Paulo, Pato Branco or Guadalupe, or even intermediaries such as ITESA in Chile…