Presentation of Sentinel 1 Data Download Station for ESA’s Copernicus Constellation Badajoz Hub companies.

On 20 June, the cross-border projects “Early Warning Networks” and “Environmental Monitoring for Civil Protection” were presented, covering the Extremadura and Euroace area. Within the framework of these projects, a meeting was organised for the presentation of a Data Download Station for Sentinel 1 between the companies belonging to the Badajoz Hub together with research groups and technology centres in the region.

The aim of the meeting was to learn about and analyse the main applications offered by this satellite, such as the study of the physical properties of clouds, atmospheric monitoring, land monitoring, ocean monitoring, meteorological and biological changes, detecting thermal energy from fire, crop monitoring and monitoring natural disasters.

Although the purpose of the Direct Discharge Station is to monitor emergencies occurring in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, it is intended to work on a first functional development that focuses on receiving data from NASA’s TERRA and AQUA satellites.

The data generated at the station can be used to develop applications beyond emergencies, such as:

– Drought impact studies and monitoring of water bodies.

– Crop evolution, optimisation and yield studies.

– Studies of air quality and atmospheric pollutants.

The station’s future lines of work include the final processing of the following physical models:

– Physical model for remote sensing of adverse meteorological phenomena (PHAMEX).

– Physical model for remote sensing, propagation and response to forest fires (INFOCAEX).

– Physical model for flood propagation, monitoring and response (INUNCAEX).

The meeting served to discuss options, reflections, proposals and developments that can be carried out at the Direct Discharge Station. As a result of the meeting, different working groups have been organised for the creation of collaborative proposals between all the interested agents to promote science, the optimisation of resources and cooperation.