Technology Sector Business Incubator specialising in virtual reality and augmented reality solutions.

The Pact for Science and
Technology in Extremadura, in its commitment…
11 December, 2023/by administrator

Hub Bilbao hosts GAIA´s joint working committee.

November 10th, GAIA held a new Joint Committee in which the…
14 November, 2023/by administrator

Training on Product Assurance & Quality Assurance (PA/QA) in Space Projects – 2nd edition

Our Hub Coimbra, through Instituto Pedro Nunes, is
4 October, 2023/by administrator

ESA Space Solutions PT Founders Dinner unites Portuguese Space community for collaboration and networking

Entrepreneurs, startups and industry experts gathered
at a vibrant…
18 July, 2023/by administrator

Platform to Boost Extremadura’s Science, Technology and Innovation Ecosystem through Talent Management

The generation of new skills for technology
companies is being…
14 June, 2023/by administrator

Hub Bilbao organizes “Talent and Technology” workshop

Last May 15th, our 3 sectoral working groups (Electronics, Information…
16 May, 2023/by administrator

Latest news from Hub Occitanie

Here is a summary of the most outstanding activities of our
24 April, 2023/by administrator

New International market Information in our VRC

Our Hub Basque Coast has updated the bibliography
recently published…
6 March, 2023/by administrator

ESA Space Solutions Centre Portugal celebrated its 8th anniversary Happy Birthday!

The ESA Space Solutions Centre
Portugal (ESA SSCP) celebrated…
18 January, 2023/by administrator

Creation of a working group for the use of the data download station for SENTINEL 1

Following the presentation on 20
June of the cross-border projects…
14 December, 2022/by administrator

Hub Occitanie Last training Program: Business Development and pitching a technical offer

During last September, Hub Occitanie went back
to work with…
13 December, 2022/by administrator

Gaia welcomes Reverse Trade Mission from Colombia

A Colombian delegation composed of Leonardo Rodríguez Urrego,…
10 November, 2022/by administrator

New video: This is how our project closure was celebrated in Malaga

NOVExport Sudoe was present
at  Startup Europe Smart Agrifood
2 November, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport services at your disposal!

The European project NOVExport
was designed to support the growth…
28 October, 2022/by administrator


NOVExport Sudoe was present at  Startup Europe Smart Agrifood…
11 October, 2022/by administrator

The NOVExport program is coming to the end!

As part of working package 4 from
European projet NOVExport,…
27 September, 2022/by administrator


Save the date! Next 29–
30th, September 2022 NOVExport will…
22 September, 2022/by administrator

Hub Madrid at Startup OLE 22

The Startup
OLÉ '22 fair took place in Salamanca from 5 to…
15 September, 2022/by administrator

New video release: Madrid Hub!

New video in our youtube channel! Come with us and learn a bit…
13 September, 2022/by administrator

Keeping on building our NOVExport Community: Animation of our hubs

During the last months, we have been actively working…
2 August, 2022/by administrator

Do you know our Virtual Resources Center?

NOVExport project offers an open resource center
2 August, 2022/by administrator

The Chamber of Commerce – South Atlantic, visited our Coimbra Hub.

The South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce aims to
bring Portuguese…
29 July, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport in Toulouse II: Progress meeting

Last Friday 8th
of July took place the general progress meeting…
13 July, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport in Toulouse I: Seminar Pre-launch Sudoe Program 2021 – 2027

Last Thursday, July 7th,
NOVExport had the opportunity to attend…
12 July, 2022/by administrator

Hub Madrid in South Summit 2022

In 2022, 10th edition of the SOUTH SUMMIT event took place,…
5 July, 2022/by administrator

Presentation of Sentinel 1 Data Download Station for ESA’s Copernicus Constellation Badajoz Hub companies.

On 20 June, the cross-border
projects "Early Warning Networks"…
28 June, 2022/by administrator

The Acceleration Plan starts!

NOVExport project goes on, this June, the Internationalization
21 June, 2022/by administrator

Inter Hubs Meeting: Badajoz – Bilbao. 13 – 15 June 2022

Taking advantage of the presence of NOVExport through GAIA,…
17 June, 2022/by administrator

Intellectual Property in LATAM for SMEs NOVEXPORT. June 15th 2022 – 9:30 (CEST)

Where do I need to register to be fully protected? Do I need…
31 May, 2022/by administrator

New presentation video release: Occitanie Hub!

Visit our Novexport youtube
channel and meet Emilie & Justine,…
19 May, 2022/by administrator

Novexport will participate in Bienal Máquina Herramienta 2022

The BIEMH concentrates all the innovations of the last 4 years…
16 May, 2022/by administrator

Berdeago Energy 2022 – Basque Sustainability Fair

Berdeago Energy
( is the annual…
27 April, 2022/by administrator


Since 2016, Europe has been working on data compatibility and…
12 April, 2022/by administrator

EIC Accelerator Webinar. April 19th – 10:00h WET

Hub Coimbra invites you to to this webinar “EIC
11 April, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport returns with its companies to the Mobile World Congress

NOVExport has repeated its
presence at the 2022 edition of the…
31 March, 2022/by administrator

Do you develop and scaleup game-changing #innovations? Don’t miss the EIC Accelerator Webinar!

EIC Accelerator
supports individual Small and Medium Enterprises…
30 March, 2022/by administrator

Would you like to know more about Hub Coimbra’? Here is your opportunity!

Our Hub
Coimbra presentation video is now available on our youtube…
23 March, 2022/by administrator

Here you are Badajoz Hub!

Come and
meet Badajoz Hub! The presentation video of Hub Badajoz…
18 March, 2022/by administrator

Training cycle: Present an offer or service with high technical content

Hub Occitania is launching a training session
"Pitch an offer…
15 March, 2022/by administrator

Hub Coimbra at “EUREKA meets the Attlantic”

Hub Coimbra will be present in the 3rd EUREKA meets the Atlantic,…
15 March, 2022/by administrator

The University of Bordeaux initiates a press article monitoring on subjects related to the export of products/services to Latin America!

of Bordeaux is one of the major European university…
25 February, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport International: Presentation of our Go International Strategy

Last February 8th, we presented to more than 20 companies…
11 February, 2022/by administrator

Come and see the Bilbao Hub!

Here we
are! The presentation video of Hub Bilbao is already…
3 February, 2022/by administrator

Masterclass “How to write successful proposals to ESA BIC Portugal and Spark Funding?”

Instituto Pedro Nunes, through NOVexport Hub and ESA Space Solutions…
25 January, 2022/by administrator

NOVExport International: Export your solution to Latin America

Brazil, Chile and Mexico offer multiple opportunities for innovative
24 January, 2022/by administrator

Portugal supports the internationalization of European SME working with Copernicus

Portugal Space is opening the second of four calls to promote…
18 January, 2022/by administrator

Hub Badajoz offers training for the internationalisation of technologies through NOVExport project

Companies from Badajoz Hub are receiving
training for the internationalisation…
1 December, 2021/by administrator

NOVExport general progress meeting in Coimbra

Thursday 25th of November took place the general progress…
1 December, 2021/by administrator

Workshop: “SAR Technology For Earth Observation: Ocean, Forest and Ground Monitoring”

When? Wednesday,
November 24th 2021,  15.00-16.00h.…
19 November, 2021/by administrator

Workshop NOVExport “Challenges for the internationalisation of SMEs in Latin American Markets”

In the scope of the NOVExport acceleration programme, a workshop…
12 November, 2021/by administrator

Hub Occitania organizes a training cycle in business development and customer relations

The Occitania Hub is
an innovation and go international accelerator…
11 November, 2021/by administrator

Hub Bilbao through cluster GAIA is present at the ‘Technology Island’ at BeDigital 2021 together with 27 associated companies

Under the name of
"Technology Island" and located in a space…
2 November, 2021/by administrator

Hub Madrid organizes a meeting with its ecosystem of companies

Madrid, managed by the Carlos III University of Madrid,…
24 October, 2021/by administrator

The NOVExport COIMBRA HUB received the visit of the Ambassador of Panama

He was received by the director of Instituto Pedro Nunes,
14 October, 2021/by administrator

NOVExport at South Summit

Thanks to the
Madrid Hub, managed by the Carlos III University…
13 October, 2021/by administrator

Gaia takes part in the UPV/EHU summer course “Projects, challenges and opportunities of the Euskadi-New Aquitaine cross-border blue economy and its contextualization in the Atlantic arc”

This course is focused on the identification and networking…
14 September, 2021/by administrator

Next activities in Bayonne HUB

The University of Bordeaux is in charge of the Bayonne-HUB.…
14 September, 2021/by administrator

NOVExport at Startup Olé 2021 – Salamanca

Last week the 7th edition of Startup Olé was held in Salamanca.…
13 September, 2021/by administrator

New deadline for the 2nd Acceleration Programme to SMEs

September 3rd is the new deadline to apply for the Acceleration…
30 July, 2021/by administrator

NOVExport launches 2nd Acceleration Programme to SMEs

European project NOVExport will launch the second edition…
19 July, 2021/by administrator


You will be able to benefit from the activities organised in
15 June, 2021/by administrator

NOVExport at the Mobile World Congress – MWC Barcelona 2021

NOVExport will be present at the 4Y4N 2021 of the MOBILE WORLD…
11 June, 2021/by administrator

Get benefit from more than 200 relevant recourses in NOVExport’s Virtual Resources Center. Register now!

The NOVExport project offers an open resource
center, a common…
31 May, 2021/by administrator

Blockchain technology for internationalisation

4 th June of 2021 From
12:30 to 13:30 (CEST) - online sesión

28 May, 2021/by administrator

OPEN NOVExport: Acceleration Programme

Monday, May 31st 2021, 11.00 – 13.00h. CET.
Are you…
17 May, 2021/by administrator

The NOVExport’s Call for SMEs is open. Apply now! – NOVExport

25 SMEs participated in the first session, why not you?

5 May, 2021/by administrator

Webinar “How cultural differences matter ?” – On Tuesday 9th of March – 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CET

NOVExport project in collaboration with Space2Waves project…
18 February, 2021/by administrator

NOVEXPort Coimbra Hub Launch

13 October, 2020/by novexpor

Webinar ‘All about space data’.

9 October, 2020/by novexpor

NOVExport’s Call for SMEs new deadline: October 30th, 2020

15 September, 2020/by novexpor

The NOVExport’s Call for SMEs is open. Apply now!

13 July, 2020/by novexpor

Launch of the NOVExport Montpellier Hub

9 July, 2020/by novexpor

NOVExport’s Acceleration Platform is now available

22 April, 2020/by novexpor

Follow the NOVExport HUB-Badajoz launch in streaming!

10 March, 2020/by novexpor

NOVExport progress meeting in Madrid

2 March, 2020/by novexpor

Launch of the NOVExport Hub in Fundecyt (Spain)

28 February, 2020/by novexpor

Participate in the design of the NOVExport internationalization services

13 December, 2019/by novexpor

The call for tender for the design, development and maintenance of the NOVExport Virtual Platform is open!

26 November, 2019/by novexpor

The NOVExport Project kicks off: export accelerating hub for the SMEs of South-West Europe

NOVExport is a European Project designed to increase the competitiveness…
1 November, 2019/by novexpor

NOVExport Kick-off meeting in Toulouse

On Thursday 10th of October took place the kick-off meeting…
19 October, 2019/by novexpor

Interreg Sudoe Seminar

October 3-4, 2019. Santander (Spain)
5 October, 2019/by novexpor
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