New deadline for the 2nd Acceleration Programme to SMEs

September 3rd is the new deadline to apply for the Acceleration Program. Throughout this acceleration program, Southwest Europe SMEs will be supported to grow in the agricultural, environmental and maritime markets focused on Latin America.

NOVexport Acceleration Programme was designed to support 50 SMEs through the technological maturation of their products or services thanks to the use of space, IoT and digital data,  in order to satisfy the needs and overcome the challenges of those export markets.

The companies selected for the 2nd edition of the NOVexport acceleration program will  have access to self-training, mentoring, commercial preparation and speed meetings to improve their internationalization capacities and to manage and develop better and new products.

The Program for the sessions is as follows:

Theoretical Sessions: 

14 September >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

21 September >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

28 September   >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

6 October  >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

Practical Sessions: 

16 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

23 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

30 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

8 October >>10.30 CET – 13.00 CET 

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