Inter Hubs Meeting: Badajoz – Bilbao. 13 – 15 June 2022

Taking advantage of the presence of NOVExport through GAIA, at the Machine Tool Biennial held this week, BIEMH 2022, Hub Bilbao has had the honor of receiving Fundecyt in a collaborative visit between the Hubs.

In this meeting, our colleagues Rafael Ventura and Angel Huertas had the opportunity to meet our partners on the BeDigital Technology Island, chat with them about Extremadura’s policies and bets on innovation and were even encouraged to participate in the podcast!

In addition, during this visit, both Hubs have had the opportunity to exchange experiences, frameworks for action and proposals to improve our contribution in this final stretch of the NOVEXport project.

It has been an enriching experience, we hope to repeat soon and have more Inter Hubs initiatives!