Hub Bilbao hosts GAIA´s joint working committee.

On November 10th, GAIA held a new Joint Committee in which the new dynamization of the Committees (Information Systems, Electronics, Engineering and Consulting) and its Work Plan for 2024 were presented.

We had collaborators such as @UPVEHU (Basque Country University) and @BasqueAICenter who spoke about the importance of the development of data sovereignty and economy in the Data and Innovation Strategy and the development and application of Artificial Intelligence knowledge.

In addition, @BilbaoEkintza and @bebasquetalent (Bizkaia Talent) addressed  the importance of attracting, linking and retaining highly qualified people in the innovation and knowledge process, we closed the event presenting proposals for collaborative innovation.

From Hub Bilbao we thank the participation of all the attendees whom we were able to greet and exchange views on the new challenges that lie ahead for 2024.