Hub Badajoz offers training for the internationalisation of technologies through NOVExport project

Companies from Badajoz Hub are receiving training for the internationalisation of their products or services, the aim being to improve the competitiveness of SMEs through access to Latin American markets. SMEs are aware that internationalisation is a crucial element of smart specialisation due to the increasing globalisation of value chains, the progressive liberalisation of trade relations, changes in competitiveness due to the emergence of new players and the complexity of the global context in general.

Now a days Competitiveness is measured on a global scale and requires innovation by taking advantage of new technological opportunities and new market demands. Therefore, innovation and internationalisation are two concepts that must be considered together and integrated.

Specialised training in internationalisation is a clear necessity for tackling foreign markets, which is why, through the European project NOVExport several companies from Badajoz Hub that offer services in the agricultural and environmental sectors are receiving specialised training for the internationalisation of their products or services.

The training has been divided into two parts, in the first of which the general aspects to be considered prior to the internationalisation process of a technology-based company have been worked on, analysing the exportable service, production capacity, innovation or available human resources. In the first part of the training, the companies were able to carry out various analyses such as: SWOT, CANVAS and CAME.

The second part of the training is focused on carrying out ad hoc work with the SME, with the aim of being able to focus and adjust their products or services towards the Latin American markets, identifying the main actors, market segmentation, market penetration strategy or identifying existing barriers.

The results obtained have been very satisfactory for the participating companies, allowing them to identify new opportunities and future markets for their products or services. From NOVExport we want to continue supporting SMEs in their development towards Latin American markets, with special interest to companies linked to the Badajoz Hub, so keep informed of all project activities through the platform