Gaia takes part in the UPV/EHU summer course “Projects, challenges and opportunities of the Euskadi-New Aquitaine cross-border blue economy and its contextualization in the Atlantic arc”

This course is focused on the identification and networking on innovation and new technologies for the ocean sector. The ocean is one of the strategic sectors of the Novexport project  as the blue economy is being configured worldwide as a space of opportunities for growth and sustainable competitiveness.

From the vision of contributing to the development of the blue economy of the transboundary coast and with projection to the Atlantic Arc as a basin of opportunities in training, research and to promote employability oriented to sustainability and with high value in knowledge, the SMEs of Novexport project will be able to acquire tools to work together  with universities, administrations, other organizations, etc., to be active agents in the configuration of opportunities in research, innovation and training and in the development of blue employability in our territory and extrapolate it to the project´s target market, Latin America.

In addition to this, this Summer Course aims to be a contribution to make visible projects and initiatives and to co-create scenarios that inspire new collaborations and projects in the environment of the blue economy.