Workshop NOVExport “Challenges for the internationalisation of SMEs in Latin American Markets”

In the scope of the NOVExport acceleration programme, a workshop took place on the challenges that SMEs face in the internationalisation process in Latin American markets in the area of services and new technologies, on the 10th of November.

The aim of this initiative was to provide the companies participating in the Portuguese HUB’s NOVExport programme with diagnostic methodologies that allow them to approach international markets more successfully, namely regarding the technological positioning of the different countries in the region.

The initiative was developed in partnership with the Portugal-South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. 

After the workshop, was held the networking session “Soundbites & Bitaites about Quality”, during which, and regarding the World Quality Week, Rui Henriques, project manager at the Quality Department of IPN, made a brief presentation and debate about Quality.  NOVExport is a European project that aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the space and digital technologies sector in Southwest Europe, by supporting the internationalization of Latin-American markets

Hub Occitania organizes a training cycle in business development and customer relations

The Occitania Hub is an innovation and go international accelerator for innovative SMEs developing activity with a strong digital technology component and interested in accessing new emerging international markets. The hub is managed by Aerospace Valley ( and AD’OCC (

The Occitania Hub develops a range of services to promote innovation and business development in the sectors of digital, agriculture, environment and maritime.

Within the framework of NovExport project, Occitania Hub is offering a training cycle in business development and customer relations for Start Ups and Scale Ups in the aerospatial sector.

The training is focused in two different groups:

Start Up Group: If you are in the targeting/prospecting phase, your company offers products and services that are not yet fully finalized, save the following dates: November 22th, December 15th, January 12th.

Scale Up Group: If you are in the Prospecting / Loyalty phase, your company offers existing products and services, already marketed and in evolution, save the following dates: November 23th, December 16th, January 13th.

The training cycle will be hold in three different days and the topics will be the following:

Day 1: “Decide and value”

Morning: “Everything starts with marketing”: A new world (VUCA world). The 9 cultural transformations. Strategies for differentiation. Understand its environment (6 Porter forces model, PESTEL, SWOT & TOWS). Build its offer

Afternoon: “Value creation”: KANO matix. The 4 ways to create value. Case study: Space X. Business model Canvas

Day 2: “The sale of the value”

Morning: “The sales method – Part 1: The commercial process. Targeting: from suspect to prospect. Preparing for the interview. The success of the contact. Discovering your client (star or funnel)

Afternoon: “The sales method – Part 2”: The different discovery plans: the SPIN method. Role plays to practice making contact and questioning. Active listening and reformulation. The argument (SIMAC)

Day 3: “Customer management”

Morning: “His motivations & blockages”: Presentation of SIMAC and/or questionnaires. Customer motivation: SPICES. Stakeholders and decision making. Managing objection and contradiction. Pitch & storytelling

Afternoon: “Loyalty”: Decide on a pricing policy. Offer additional services. Key principles of negotiation. The keys to loyalty. The game of security and seduction.


Bâtiment B612
3 Rue Tarfaya
CS 64403
31405 TOULOUSE cedex 4

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Hub Bilbao through cluster GAIA is present at the ‘Technology Island’ at BeDigital 2021 together with 27 associated companies

Under the name of “Technology Island” and located in a space of 200 square meters, GAIA has promoted the participation of 27 partner organizations, including the cluster itself in BeDigital. This summit is specialized in solutions and tools 4.0 for Industry, framed in the +INDUSTRY event, which is being held between October 26th and 28th, at Bilbao Exhibition Center.

BeDigital is a window to show the innovative technological offer that Basque companies offer in support of digital transformation, in this framework, the HUB Bilbao will participate by celebrating meetings with the SMEs introducing the NOVExport project and put at their disposal all the resources we have, such as the acceleration plan, the virtual resources platform or the possibility of working on its internationalization.

In the ‘Technological Island’, visitors are able to know the solutions of the following organizations: Argi Ventures, Barbara IoT, Beclever, Binary Soul, Bizintek, C2B- Oblomow, Elhuyar/Eleka, Elon Smart Tech, Embeblue, Enigmedia, Ferchau, Gestionet, Ibermática, Ikerlan, Lks Next, Puntueus, PWC, S2 Grupo, Sarenet, Semantic Systems, Sernivel3, Tak – Wetak, Talio, Insitel, Tiralíneas, UPV/EHU y Virtualware and in addition to this, the Hub Bilbao is present giving the visitors all the information about the activities of the Hub and the NOVExport project.

The technology island is divided in four different areas: Internet of Things (IoT Basque), Artificial Intelligence (AI Basque), Experiential Intelligence (EI Basque) y Cybersecurity (Cybasque).

Hub Madrid organizes a meeting with its ecosystem of companies

Hub Madrid, managed by the Carlos III University of Madrid, organized on October 21st, a meeting with some of the companies that make up its ecosystem with the aim of informing them of the progress of the NOVExport project and put at their disposal all the resources the project has such as the acceleration plan, the virtual resources platform or the internationalization program.

In addition to this, during this meeting the SMEs had the opportunity to  share knowledge, create collaboration networks and plan the next actions of the Madrid HUB in terms of internationalization.

Participating companies:

– Enthec solution: 

– ActionTracker:

– Digital Anatomics:

– Hydra Space: – Nanoker:

The NOVExport COIMBRA HUB received the visit of the Ambassador of Panama

He was received by the director of Instituto Pedro Nunes, Teresa Mendes, and by the director of Incubation and Acceleration, Paulo Santos. Ambassador Pablo Garrido got to know better Instituto Pedro Nunes and how it works.

Paulo Santos, director of Incubation and Acceleration, gave an introduction to present IPN activities focused on internationalisation supporting companies.

Potential synergies were identified with some companies from the Novexport program, THEIA, MATEREO, OWL, SPACEWAY and TEROMOVIGO,  in order to facilitate access to larger and more profitable markets in Latin America and to promote quality European products and services.

NOVExport at South Summit

Thanks to the Madrid Hub, managed by the Carlos III University of Madrid, Novexport has been present at the great event to promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain, SOUTH SUMMIT, held between October 5-7 in Madrid.

South Summit was born in 2012. At the time, the economic crisis had darkened the business outlook in Spain, so they grew up with a strong belief: that the entrepreneurial spirit would be the driving force to heal the economy. This is why their objective was (and still is) very clear: to be the reference hub that shapes the future via initiative, entrepreneurship, open innovation and business opportunities.

Promoting the green economy aligned with the commitments of the European Green Deal and the UN SDGs is the pillar of this event, and Novexport has been present to promote the acceleration program towards innovation that we offer to start-ups in our territory. This program is designed to start ups that want to grow digitally (data) and sustainably using all the information provided by satellite data and technologies.

Gaia takes part in the UPV/EHU summer course “Projects, challenges and opportunities of the Euskadi-New Aquitaine cross-border blue economy and its contextualization in the Atlantic arc”

This course is focused on the identification and networking on innovation and new technologies for the ocean sector. The ocean is one of the strategic sectors of the Novexport project  as the blue economy is being configured worldwide as a space of opportunities for growth and sustainable competitiveness.

From the vision of contributing to the development of the blue economy of the transboundary coast and with projection to the Atlantic Arc as a basin of opportunities in training, research and to promote employability oriented to sustainability and with high value in knowledge, the SMEs of Novexport project will be able to acquire tools to work together  with universities, administrations, other organizations, etc., to be active agents in the configuration of opportunities in research, innovation and training and in the development of blue employability in our territory and extrapolate it to the project´s target market, Latin America.

In addition to this, this Summer Course aims to be a contribution to make visible projects and initiatives and to co-create scenarios that inspire new collaborations and projects in the environment of the blue economy.

Next activities in Bayonne HUB

The University of Bordeaux is in charge of the Bayonne-HUB. This Hub, located in the south-west of France, is the reference center supporting SMEs willing to export their products or services to the Latin-America markets from the Environment, Ocean and Agriculture sectors.

Expertise such as international marketing, business development, political stability and international business are disseminated through innovative and personalised teaching tools. Business leaders and academic experts coach SMEs to set guidelines and methods devoted to build business strategies linked to the needs and particularities of the Latin American countries.

! News !

A series of seminars will be held in this HUB in the following months.

The next one will be conducted by Dr. Emmanuelle Sauvage who is lecturer at the University of Bordeaux. She is heading the IBM program, “International Business Management” master. During this seminar, Dr. Sauvage will discuss and give her expertise on the political and geostrategic issues in Latin America, together with some insight regarding cultural and linguistics aspects of international business interactions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your knowledge and take advantage to these seminars to develop your network of experts.

NOVExport at Startup Olé 2021 – Salamanca

Last week the 7th edition of Startup Olé was held in Salamanca. This is one of the largest business technology events in Europe.

Startup OLÉ has ​​become a great international platform that brings together all kinds of representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event welcomed both institutions, such as start-ups and companies, as well as national and international institutional representatives such as Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

The expectations of this seventh edition were ambitious, as corresponded to the first macro technology entrepreneurship and investment event after the summer, held in Spain, whose figures have supported the 400 speakers distributed among 44 different nationalities and the endorsement of the European Commission

NOVExport was present through the Madrid HUB led by the Carlos III University. This initiative was present, specifically, in the REInA “Rural European Innovation Area”, thus directly connecting the objectives of NOVExport with the key marketing markets for the project: agriculture, environment and maritime.

New deadline for the 2nd Acceleration Programme to SMEs

September 3rd is the new deadline to apply for the Acceleration Program. Throughout this acceleration program, Southwest Europe SMEs will be supported to grow in the agricultural, environmental and maritime markets focused on Latin America.

NOVexport Acceleration Programme was designed to support 50 SMEs through the technological maturation of their products or services thanks to the use of space, IoT and digital data,  in order to satisfy the needs and overcome the challenges of those export markets.

The companies selected for the 2nd edition of the NOVexport acceleration program will  have access to self-training, mentoring, commercial preparation and speed meetings to improve their internationalization capacities and to manage and develop better and new products.

The Program for the sessions is as follows:

Theoretical Sessions: 

14 September >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

21 September >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

28 September   >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

6 October  >> 10.30 CET – 13.30 CET

Practical Sessions: 

16 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

23 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

30 September >> 15.00 CET – 17.30 CET 

8 October >>10.30 CET – 13.00 CET 

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