The Chamber of Commerce – South Atlantic, visited our Coimbra Hub.

The South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce aims to bring Portuguese companies closer to Latin American markets.

With extensive knowledge of these markets, Dr. Miguel Matos and Dr. Filipe Vasconcelos Romão began by giving the companies incubated in the IPN an overview. The Webinar lasted an hour, in which several socio-economic and political issues of Latin American countries were shared with the audience.

After the webinar, our consultants from the South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce also visited some of the companies supported by the NOVExport project and were able to know the reality of each one of them, as well as to understand how these companies were positioned to move into the Latin American market.

NOVExport in Toulouse II: Progress meeting

Last Friday 8th of July took place the general progress meeting of the NOVExport project in Toulouse (France). Hub Occitania kindly hosted all the partners at Aerospace Valley facilities. Once again, after months of telematic meetings due to the pandemic situation, it was a pleasure to be able to hold our progress meeting face to face.

We had the opportunity to review in depth all the developments of the project, the status of all indicators and got a general view of the main challenges left until NOVExport gets to an end.

In this frame, we are already planning the upcoming final event in September, after a brainstorm session, we fixed Malaga as the capital to celebrate together with our supported companies, different stakeholders, authorities, etc.

An interesting challenge in which we have already started working!

NOVExport in Toulouse I: Seminar Pre-launch Sudoe Program 2021 – 2027

Last Thursday, July 7th, NOVExport had the opportunity to attend the pre-launch seminar of the Sudoe 2021-2027 program held in Toulouse.

In an interesting day, we had the opportunity to know first-hand the priorities that will mark the proposals of new projects in this new call.

  1. Preserving natural capital and strengthening adaptation to climate change in SUDOE
  2. Promote social cohesion and territorial and demographic balance in SUDOE through innovation and the transformation of the productive sectors
  3. Promote social cohesion and territorial and demographic balance in SUDOE through social innovation, heritage enhancement and services
  4. Strengthening the impact of SUDOE on territories

Looking forward to starting work on new proposals!

Hub Madrid in South Summit 2022

In 2022, 10th edition of the SOUTH SUMMIT event took place, in which 15,423 attendees, 6,160 startups, 1,848 investors and 5,220 executives from large companies participated.  Within the framework of this event, our NOVExport Hub Madrid (European project aimed at promoting the internationalization of SMEs in LATAM) Interreg SUDOE, a node managed from the Entrepreneurship and Business Development area of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service of the UC3M, has participated in this event.

For three days, 8 startups (ENTHEC, HYDRASPACE, UTW, POLAR DEVELOPMENTS, ACTION TRACKER, DIGITAL ANATOMICS, CEDRIÓN and EB2) have gathered at SOUTH SUMMIT presenting their products / services and creating synergies with third parties, thanks to the B2B meeting platform made available to participants, online, by the organizers of the event.

In addition, thanks to the SOUTH SUMMIT, Hub Madrid and three of its companies (HYDRASPACE, UTW and POLAR DEVELOPMENTS) have had a place in one of the pitching sessions launched within the framework of this international event on June 8th.

Presentation of Sentinel 1 Data Download Station for ESA’s Copernicus Constellation Badajoz Hub companies.

On 20 June, the cross-border projects “Early Warning Networks” and “Environmental Monitoring for Civil Protection” were presented, covering the Extremadura and Euroace area. Within the framework of these projects, a meeting was organised for the presentation of a Data Download Station for Sentinel 1 between the companies belonging to the Badajoz Hub together with research groups and technology centres in the region.

The aim of the meeting was to learn about and analyse the main applications offered by this satellite, such as the study of the physical properties of clouds, atmospheric monitoring, land monitoring, ocean monitoring, meteorological and biological changes, detecting thermal energy from fire, crop monitoring and monitoring natural disasters.

Although the purpose of the Direct Discharge Station is to monitor emergencies occurring in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, it is intended to work on a first functional development that focuses on receiving data from NASA’s TERRA and AQUA satellites.

The data generated at the station can be used to develop applications beyond emergencies, such as:

– Drought impact studies and monitoring of water bodies.

– Crop evolution, optimisation and yield studies.

– Studies of air quality and atmospheric pollutants.

The station’s future lines of work include the final processing of the following physical models:

– Physical model for remote sensing of adverse meteorological phenomena (PHAMEX).

– Physical model for remote sensing, propagation and response to forest fires (INFOCAEX).

– Physical model for flood propagation, monitoring and response (INUNCAEX).

The meeting served to discuss options, reflections, proposals and developments that can be carried out at the Direct Discharge Station. As a result of the meeting, different working groups have been organised for the creation of collaborative proposals between all the interested agents to promote science, the optimisation of resources and cooperation.

The Acceleration Plan starts!

NOVExport project goes on, this June, the Internationalization Supporting Program has begun to take its first steps.

After having studied our candidate companies starting point, their products and services, their structure, their needs, export objectives, etc. 19 companies have been selected.

Through our Internationalization Plan, they will have access to specialized training with the ultimate goal of implementing their own Go International plan.

  • Coaching sessions on the target countries: Brazil, Mexico, Chile
    • Awareness of the business culture of each country.
    • Business Mentoring
    • Useful tips to succeed a virtual meeting 
  • Technical preparation sessions for B2B meetings.
    • Presentation of 5 “decision makers” from each target country, their needs and purchasing processes.
    • European SMEs Pitching
  • All this will lead us to B2B sessions throughout the month of July to achieve the final goal of NOVExport: Organization of virtual B2B meetings. Meeting point and matchmaking with local agents with an interest in the innovative technologies and services offered by our SMEs. Acceleration of internationalization.

Inter Hubs Meeting: Badajoz – Bilbao. 13 – 15 June 2022

Taking advantage of the presence of NOVExport through GAIA, at the Machine Tool Biennial held this week, BIEMH 2022, Hub Bilbao has had the honor of receiving Fundecyt in a collaborative visit between the Hubs.

In this meeting, our colleagues Rafael Ventura and Angel Huertas had the opportunity to meet our partners on the BeDigital Technology Island, chat with them about Extremadura’s policies and bets on innovation and were even encouraged to participate in the podcast!

In addition, during this visit, both Hubs have had the opportunity to exchange experiences, frameworks for action and proposals to improve our contribution in this final stretch of the NOVEXport project.

It has been an enriching experience, we hope to repeat soon and have more Inter Hubs initiatives!

Intellectual Property in LATAM for SMEs NOVEXPORT. June 15th 2022 – 9:30 (CEST)

Where do I need to register to be fully protected? Do I need to appoint a local representative to register my trademark in a foreign country? How can I detect IP Rights that may hinder my internationalization strategy? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about intellectual property that European SMEs ask themselves when it comes to safely raiding foreign markets.

Join us to know the answers to these, as well as to know the keys to do it correctly in the territories of Latin America, in the webinar organized by NOVExport and the Carlos III University of Madrid, our Hub Madrid, in collaboration with the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk, aimed at small and medium European entrepreneurs with interest or presence in Brazil,  Mexico and Chile.

We will delve into the value and usefulness of intellectual property as a business tool, and we will see the most noteworthy local particularities and whose difference with Europe make it worth taking them into account to adapt IP and commercial protection strategies. All this focused on the ICT sector and with special attention to the maritime and agricultural industries.

Internationalizing safely is possible (and easy) if you know how.

What to expect from our webinar:

  • Information about our services
  • Indications on when and how Intellectual Property is relevant to your business
  • Main steps and particularities to protect your brands, inventions and creations locally
  • Up-to-date information on registration procedures
  • Several real cases of European SMEs that suffered and overcame problems with IP protection in the region
  • Tips for succeeding abroad
  • Personalized assistance from our IP expert

Registration and information, HERE

New presentation video release: Occitanie Hub!

Visit our Novexport youtube channel and meet Emilie & Justine, take a walk with them and get to know the Occitanie Hub.

Coming soon… Madrid and Basque Coast Hubs.

Novexport will participate in Bienal Máquina Herramienta 2022

The BIEMH concentrates all the innovations of the last 4 years in machine tools and all their associated technologies, in additive manufacturing and 3D printing (through the ADDIT3D fair), and in digitalization (through BeDigital). The BIEMH is also the largest and most complete national event for automation and robotics in which 167 firms from 13 countries and the subsectors of industrial robots, handling systems, industrial automation and assembly, software for control, solutions for storage and transport and CAD-CAM will take part.

Hub Bilbao will be present at Be Digital, an event aimed at the industrial application of digital technologies. GAIA will have a space of 300m2 called Technologic Island. In it, more than 20 companies will show their most advanced solutions in the 4 areas of Enabling Technologies: Internet of Things (IoTBasque), Artificial Intelligence (AIBasque), Experiential Intelligence (EIBasque) and Cybersecurity (Cybasque).

Come and visit us, meet us and lets work together with the aim of achieving the best results for your company. We are waiting for you!

When: from June 13th to June 17th

Where: Bilbao Exhibition Centre