The NOVExport program is coming to the end!

As part of working package 4 from European projet NOVExport, exports acceleration, we set up a tailor-made program that included 3 main parts:

B2B meeting preparation sessions

These sessions were held in order to acclimate companies to the business culture of each country.

Technical sessions with decision makers

The purpose of these sessions was for each decision marker to present their current projects, their problems and their needs so that the companies could present their solution in response to them.

A session on each country took place, with a representation of 5 decision makers per country.

B2B meetings with decision makers.

More than 20 French, Spanish and Portuguese companies participated in this program targeting Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Many actors were present, such as: Véolia Mexico, ENGIE Brazil, the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, the Municipalities of Sao Paulo, Pato Branco or Guadalupe, or even intermediaries such as ITESA in Chile…


Save the date! Next 29– 30th, September 2022 NOVExport will participate in StartUp Europe Smart Agrifood Summit, the largest innovation and digitalization happening of the agri-food chain in Europe.

In this frame, NOVExport will carry out our closing project event where find out the results of the last three years work, know some of our supported SMEs and their experience and developments, and of course, their go international strategy.

In addition, among the 30 companies distinguished within the 110 international candidatures submitted,  our companies UTW, ACTION TRACKER and SANZAR have been selected to participate in the elevator pitch organized by Smart Agrifood Summit.

We will also have the presence of a representation of the INTERREG SUDOE Program, who will open the day we have organized: “STRATEGIES AND EXPERIENCES IN INTERNATIONALIZATION IN LATAM COUNTRIES”


NOVExport INTERREG SUDOE, SMARTAGRIFOD 29th, September 2022. FYCMA – Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga



  • Representative INTERREG SUDOE



  • Mrs. Emilie Seveno, NOVExport INTERREG SUDOE Coordinador, Aerospace Valley.



Moderator: Maria Mercedes Aviles, Novexport Hub Madrid Coordinator

NOVExport INTERREG SUDOE SMEs participants:

  • D. Roberto Hermoso, Marketing Responsible, UTW
  • D. Leysa Álvarez, Marketing Responsible, POLAR DEVELOPMENTS
  • D. Eloy Martínez, CEO, ACTION TRACKER
  • D. Fabián Lozano, Técnico GREENFIELD


Final speaker, to be confirmed


Evening close



All Hub teams (Madrid, Badajoz, Bilbao, Coimbra, Occitanie, Basque Coast) will attend the summit together with our SMEs, we will all pleased to receive your visit and get to know you face-to-face in our stand.

Hub Madrid at Startup OLE 22

The Startup OLÉ ’22 fair took place in Salamanca from 5 to 7 September, it is one of the largest business technology events in Europe, being a reference and engine of the democratization of the international technological-business ecosystem.

An important event that NOVExport could not miss, our Hub Madrid was present through our partner UC3M that had a stand in the university pavilion where several UC3M projects and startups participated having the opportunity to show their products to the attendees.

In addition, UC3M actively participated in different activities such as reverse pitch, university round table and forums such as the APTE round table.

New video release: Madrid Hub!

New video in our youtube channel! Come with us and learn a bit more about the services offered by Universidad Carlos III for Novexport by Hub Madrid.

Keeping on building our NOVExport Community: Animation of our hubs

During the last months, we have been actively working to energize our 6 hubs (Badajoz, Basque Coast, Bilbao, Coimbra, Madrid, Occitania) planning events and activities.

Connecting with our companies and giving them a real collaboration network is our goal.

  • Meetings with our companies, different interhub events, summits…
    • Trainings & webinars
    • Hundreds of attendees & more than 100 participants SMEs

Next, meet us in Málaga during the AgriFood Summit in septembre. Don’t miss our news, follow us!

Twitter: @Novexport

Linkedin & Youtube: Novexport Sudoe

Do you know our Virtual Resources Center?

NOVExport project offers an open resource center (, a common dematerialized platform for accessing and sharing data (spatial and digital) providing data processing, training, and international market research tools.

Our Center of Virtual Resources is an evolving and growing dynamic platform that currently has more than 450 publications where you will find:

  • more than 250 news of relevant topics as innovation, fundings, exports, environment, data, international strategies, etc.
  • almost 70 commercial reports ranging from case studies of the use of spatial data to strategy studies and evolution of the agro, environment or maritime sectors
  • near 100 international reports that seek to update the commercial information of the LATAM countries and the impact that the pandemic is taking in them,
  • 21 trainings from different fields always within the interest of technological and innovative products and services.

Get registered and find interesting and helpful information for your business!

The Chamber of Commerce – South Atlantic, visited our Coimbra Hub.

The South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce aims to bring Portuguese companies closer to Latin American markets.

With extensive knowledge of these markets, Dr. Miguel Matos and Dr. Filipe Vasconcelos Romão began by giving the companies incubated in the IPN an overview. The Webinar lasted an hour, in which several socio-economic and political issues of Latin American countries were shared with the audience.

After the webinar, our consultants from the South Atlantic Chamber of Commerce also visited some of the companies supported by the NOVExport project and were able to know the reality of each one of them, as well as to understand how these companies were positioned to move into the Latin American market.

NOVExport in Toulouse II: Progress meeting

Last Friday 8th of July took place the general progress meeting of the NOVExport project in Toulouse (France). Hub Occitania kindly hosted all the partners at Aerospace Valley facilities. Once again, after months of telematic meetings due to the pandemic situation, it was a pleasure to be able to hold our progress meeting face to face.

We had the opportunity to review in depth all the developments of the project, the status of all indicators and got a general view of the main challenges left until NOVExport gets to an end.

In this frame, we are already planning the upcoming final event in September, after a brainstorm session, we fixed Malaga as the capital to celebrate together with our supported companies, different stakeholders, authorities, etc.

An interesting challenge in which we have already started working!

NOVExport in Toulouse I: Seminar Pre-launch Sudoe Program 2021 – 2027

Last Thursday, July 7th, NOVExport had the opportunity to attend the pre-launch seminar of the Sudoe 2021-2027 program held in Toulouse.

In an interesting day, we had the opportunity to know first-hand the priorities that will mark the proposals of new projects in this new call.

  1. Preserving natural capital and strengthening adaptation to climate change in SUDOE
  2. Promote social cohesion and territorial and demographic balance in SUDOE through innovation and the transformation of the productive sectors
  3. Promote social cohesion and territorial and demographic balance in SUDOE through social innovation, heritage enhancement and services
  4. Strengthening the impact of SUDOE on territories

Looking forward to starting work on new proposals!

Hub Madrid in South Summit 2022

In 2022, 10th edition of the SOUTH SUMMIT event took place, in which 15,423 attendees, 6,160 startups, 1,848 investors and 5,220 executives from large companies participated.  Within the framework of this event, our NOVExport Hub Madrid (European project aimed at promoting the internationalization of SMEs in LATAM) Interreg SUDOE, a node managed from the Entrepreneurship and Business Development area of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service of the UC3M, has participated in this event.

For three days, 8 startups (ENTHEC, HYDRASPACE, UTW, POLAR DEVELOPMENTS, ACTION TRACKER, DIGITAL ANATOMICS, CEDRIÓN and EB2) have gathered at SOUTH SUMMIT presenting their products / services and creating synergies with third parties, thanks to the B2B meeting platform made available to participants, online, by the organizers of the event.

In addition, thanks to the SOUTH SUMMIT, Hub Madrid and three of its companies (HYDRASPACE, UTW and POLAR DEVELOPMENTS) have had a place in one of the pitching sessions launched within the framework of this international event on June 8th.