You will be able to benefit from the activities organised in your Hub of reference, as well as those carried out in other Hubs of the partner countries. The objective of these activities is to promote learning and innovation culture through sessions with emphasis on the areas of Technological Innovation, Digital Transformation or Internationalisation. You will be able to meet and exchange experiences with companies from the partner countries (France, Portugal and Spain).

From the HUB of BADAJOZ we promote the use of digital technologies, spatial or related to the Internet of Things to support companies in the development of their products or services to Latin American markets. Where the following have already been developed:

– Use and application of spatial data

– Deep Learning applied to remote sensing

– Blockchain for international trade

We have designed an action plan for the coming months, the next one will be held in July and will focus on how Big Data can help companies to optimise economic benefits. The aim of the session is to offer tools that help business management through the processing of massive data.

In terms of internationalisation, we will work ad hoc with companies on the definition of a strategic plan to internationalise their services or technological products, as well as prospecting in the market of interest to the company. If you are planning to internationalise your technology in Latin American countries, contact the Badajoz hub and we will inform you about the opportunities offered by NOvexport.

Visit the NOVExport platform where you can find information about all the activities carried out from the Badajoz HUB, access to recordings of them, opportunities for collaboration or funding, as well as relevant information about markets and upcoming sessions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your product or service while working in an international environment.